The Empath of Amneshah
Book One : Turba

ISBN: 1-4116-5267-3

TheEmpath of Amneshah.
Book One : Turba

The trading standards space vessel "Spitfire" is illegally boarded by a suicidal empath and three fleeing Fashinians on the run from a state warship. Somehow the dependable bureaucracy of local government casts its spell and comes to the rescue... albeit through twists and turns that include subterfuge, mind control, DNA switching and blowing stuff up ­ all strictly against corporate policy.

Turba is the first book in the Empath of Amneshah trilogy which first introduces the unforgettable Turba and the unforgivable Marcus and recounts their struggle with their own and each other's demons in order to find love, peace and acceptable sex ­ though not with each other. 

The Spitfire is bureaucracy at warped speed, choking black holes with red tape and boldly taking the trading standard to another dimension.

REVIEW: "I finished the book about midnight. Very pacy last chapter with lots of action and events. The penultimate chapter achieved great surprise and emotion, I re-read it and it still shook me... when is the next book coming out?"

Humourous SF in the tradition of Hitchiker's Guide, February 7, 2006.
Reviewer: Dave H from Hampshire UK
"If you can get past the garish cover you'll find a genuinely entertaining read. The characters are clearly defined and the author has a nice turn of phrase which brings a smile to the face. Fans of Douglas Adams, Red Dwarf and the like shouldn't be disappointed. I, for one, am looking forward to Book Two."

ISBN: 1411652673

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Coming eventually! Book 2: Hybrid and Book 3: Marcus


JE Hoyes was born in England back in the mid 20th century and has never worked in or for trading standards, despite years of trying. "One can only dream the impossible dream".
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